Day 21: Perception Model – The Hi story is in your Genes

For some time the curiosity of why some species have male/female polarities and others are asexual.

The answer that came to mind related to the internal building blocks of animal and human construction.

The best way to explain this is through the viewpoint of DNA strands.

The basic and most abundant ingredient to the human body is H20. A very fluid and adaptive medium. The point to most of the non-planted (non-attached Earth bound) entities on this planet is their ability to carry and adapt through the medium of water.

However, the question of why we are male/female polarized entities still instils a curiosity within me. The best response I can formulate is that the male female polarity is a mechanism to allow selective building of the DNA strands; we seek out each other to perform this ultimate goal. Each of us contains a DNA strand that represents our best solution to date for the problems we’ve face throughout our lives and all our ancestor lives before us. Through each generation we select our partner to ensure a next evolution/expansion of the DNA strands.

Given that as a possible interpretation of the DNA representation, its worth considering that our DNA strands represents all the evolutionary steps we took from the very beginning of our existence on the planet Earth. If this is true, all the answers to our origins are not (just) around us, but actually within us. To be precise, the accurate answers to our specific contribution to the human answer is within us, as part of our DNA.

Modelling this as a possible traceable path back to our beginning, makes me realize that our DNA at say the amoeba level (from the very beginning) would be a very basic DNA strands. That throughout the many millennia our DNA has become increasingly more complex. But we may actually hold the entirety of our lineage.

Further, we can extrapolate that our DNA will continue to store even more content over the hundreds/thousands of years to come. Unless we end up wiping ourselves out, either through a very bad set of choices or the shear number of people on the planet makes for ever more complex petri-dish combinations of bad microscopic critters.

A problem related to proving this DNA-as-(hi)story viewpoint is, how do we read DNA so we can prove it correlates the constructs of a living entity? Unless we can compare and contrast with other animals, I suspect it wont be easy to do so.

Further, to this is the curiosity of why the polarity of a male body doesn’t mean they will naturally be seeking out a female partner. I can only guess its the chemical reactions within the brain. But cant prove that with any confidence.

The attraction I have to female characteristics are a point of constant debate within me. Some females are naturally enchanting, others seem so but have a far darker side. Their shape, coloring, voice, actions all seem to gain a chemical reaction within me, that I cant seem to interpret very well.

I often wonder what is their viewpoint on all this. If they weren’t interested in reproduction our species would cease to exist. So they too must have an interest in the activity. However, I suspect the complexity of their anatomy makes their viewpoint less focused on sex as pleasure (unlike a male). Theirs is more wanting support with the painful times in their cycles. The issue of cycles is not faced by the male biology. Thus males are required to be always on for the times that females may become interested.

It all contributes to the point that if our DNA-as-(hi)story is true, isn’t it also possible to modify DNA to ensure we optimize the strands to anticipate future viral or other bad things, much like weather forecasts. We can estimate only so far into the future, with any real confidence.


Day 20: Unlimited future energy source.

Background: after some reflection it seems apparent we as living creatures are very honored to be given the body we have.  That the planet earth as we call it has brought life throw many hectic times.  For that I admit to caring much for what is conceivably the mother of all mothers (meant in a positive and loving way).

Energy to life: with that said, we are very much living off her milk, and hoping she will outlast our many generations to come (with all that’s necessary to help us build and also provide obscurity from the bad things in the universe).  Needless to say many of us hope for that from the human perspective of God.  All in all he as God and she as Mother Earth, as both sources of energy we draw strength from.

Energy from within: As this metaphor continues, I wonder if it will the objective of engineers in the future to bury deep into the earths core to extract from that abundant source?  However, with every possible solution there’s always another set of problems.

Keeping our feet on the Tec of Tonics: As we stand presently on our tectonic plates, it’s clear we should know exactly what we’re doing with any additional holes.  So what would be the solution?  Energy throttles.  That is a blockage would be nothing more than plug, that stop any molten or gases from escaping to the surface.  Those plugs would be made from energy, that energy being extracted from the multitude of energy sources available from the earth center (the source).  Some energy would be used to retain the plug and the excess energy could be siphoned up to the surface for clean natural and almost ever lasting energy.  Of course, there would always have to be fail safe systems over and above these. It’s expected that going along the tectonic edges makes for far more plugging work.

Source of idea: strangely enough, from watching youtube on craft entering the earth.

Day 19: Perception model: Cancer

The following is a thought “wandering” (non-empirical “experiment”)… since its less likely to be testable in the long run (through our own senses).  It’s close to an example of perception modelling, so any constructive feedback is much appreciated.

This topic is a sensitive one to me and certainly many others. Cancer is an ongoing problem for all societies. With a lot of research going into its cause and its resolution. My own Mother passed due to small cell cancer of the lungs 2011; she was a smoker. My wifes’ Mother also died from Cancer (blood related). So the topic is very close to home. That said the deaths due to cancer still continue. So I have this thought wandering to offer. Please, think of it as a “possibility”, that may be worth some attention.

The basic idea is that we perceive the body as a static object that moves via our mental guidance. However, this static view is incorrect. Bodies rebuild themselves at different rates per the material at any given portion of the body. Further, the more you stretch the abilities of the body the more it needs to regenerate. This applies to all areas of the body. For example “muscle memory” occurs due to the prolonged exposure of the muscles to a certain demand (or lack of demand) placed upon them. The same occurs with the size of the stomache. More deamand perpetuates more accommodation for the demand. Likewise, more use of our cognitive abilities expands the ability to perceive even better. However, perception also needs a feedback mechanism to ensure that we haven;t learned something that isn’t true. Therein, lies our need for each other.

All that said the main “engine” behind all this is the rebuilding of the materials in our own body. Whether we push our body or not it will always rebuild. Therein, lies the topic of cancer “growing” in our bodies at some time in our lives. The “growing” it the conundrum here.

The perception model is this:
1. The body is rebuilding all the time.
2. The cause of cancer is the inhibition of the rebuilding process, which are due to the following candidate situations:
i. There are insufficient nutrients and minerals to rebuild the body in a given location (where demand doesn’t not equal supply at the time of the rebuild).
ii. Further aspects of the environment cause the rebuild to be strangled.

Thus the observed “causes” of cancer are in fact pnly inhibitors to something that’s already occurring, due to there being insufficient building materials to perform a rebuild.

Causes of cancer are listed as follows:
1. Tobacco: This is perceived as a constraint. It strangled the body from blood flow and assists in traps the rebuild of the body parts that are exposed to this “agent”.
2. Obesity and poor diet: One perceived aspect is that cheat food has little in the way of valuable nutrients or minerals. “fast food” is easy and also gives little to help a rebuild. However, it’s also likely due to the original configuration of humans that we feed our bodies too much meat and not enough fruit/vegetables. American culture as I see it, is very anti-vegetable. Add a relentlessly stressful life, plus our need to find happiness we clutch at easy foods for the solution. Couple that our bodies are craving ceratin nutrients and minerals, we can eat far in excess of what is needed just so our bodies can try harder to extract what is needed for rebuilds. However, no matter how much we eat, our bodies may never get what is needed. The mindset is broken, because the mind isn’t trying to find a solution since its focused on other issues (that are likely causing the strees). Ask yourself, why aren’t skinny people susceptible to cancer? They likely eat the bare minimum and it’s all mineral and nutrient rich.
3. Pathogen: Throughout our lives we’ll be exposed to viruses and such like, it is inevitable. The more we survive from the stronger our body is (after it rebuilds and preps for similar issues in the future). However, the perception of a pathogen is much like smoking, it restricts the rebuilding process by consuming nutrients and minerals due to the formulation of a defence against the pathogen.
4. Inactivity: This topic is likely coupled with many others in the current list. Any reduction in activity will slow the need to rebuild but will also assist the restricitve agents in the stranglation of the cell within the body.
5. Exposure to UV (sun and tanning beds): Over exposure to UV causes the skin (an organ in its own right) to accelerate its rebuild process because of the damage performed by the sun. Thus mineral and nutrients are need to fix the skin for any further UV exposure.
Perception Modelling summary
If we model our body as a complex house, the house is always being rebuilt (“renovated”). As we get older the builders get slower, which isn’t a problem. What the problem is that we dont give those builders enough bricks to renovate the house, and worse… provide insufficient quality mortar to keep the bricks together.

Perceived Solutions:
Always supply only the right amount of bricks and mortar. Hope no-one ever burns the house renovation plan (due to over exposure to radiation). Stimulate the rebuild process in the area of the body thats effected (remove the incomplete building material “cancer”). Keep using the house on what it was built for.

Also, I’d like to add “too much or too little of anything that the body needs is very bad for you.”. Try to stay on the straight and narrow and avoid what the body wants. I speculate our future will see processed foods like sugar, salt, cocoa and similar will placed in the same critical reviews as tobacco. So, always investigate such building materials, for they’re influence on your body. Further, be aware of the drugs that you use as they have only been tested for short periods of time. Long term absorption results will be from what happens to you after their use. Drugs solve the symptom, not the cause. See what’s causing you to consume the wrong foods and also try to force more flow within your body (through levels of activity that are ideal for what your body is used to. Try activities involving balance, flexibility, strength and/or endurance – but remember to talk to your Doctor regarding an empirical assessment on what he perceives as appropriate for you; your body can only do safely what its used to).

Best approach to this problem is prevention: Cause rebuilds by being active (walk often, at the very least).
If an individual has cancer, use a mechanism to remove it cleanly. At all times provide the body with the correct minerals and nutrients. Always, promote some form of rebuilding in the affected area or near that area. It’s preferred if you can walk, regardless of how slow it’s still better than any other activity.

My thoughts and best wishes go out to all who are suffering from this problem. Sometimes, a different viewpoint can do much to return our loved ones to their utmost health.

Best regards,


Copyright EMFraser 2014

DAY 18 – Reaching for God: Sum of many finites does not equal the infinite…

Note: this isn’t a discussion on religion or belief. It’s intended as a discussion on realms of perception. It is a thought experiment, aimed at providing a method to cover the evolving manner that people will perceive the Universe as they know and see more of that Universe within the lifetime of humanity. I prefer not to be involved in discussions of belief or political view, as they often end up in the emotional realm of absolutes. I believe everyone should have the freedom to choose what they believe and thereafter make that the vehicle for their eventual destination; no-one should expect or enforce anything else.

Statement: The concept of God as being perceivable is not possible in the realms of human perception.  the infinite can’t be matched by many finites.

At the lowest level the human “God” is slightly out of our reach by way of hopes, emotions, beliefs and actions. Every step we make to understand what is around us and what our senses or instruments can record and filter is confounded further by the obvious history and future of knowing there is far more to know.

As such our perceptions are only as good as the data we have at hand. That data is often so extensive we have to focus on the parts we believe to be useful, relevant and have the possibility that we can act on or upon that data.

For every advance we make we need to gain new techniques to observe everything and yet filter out what is perceived to unimportant. This obviously means we are guided into sections of our lives only because we didn’t see the other data possibilities or given the correct approach to see the world in that perspective for us to make a better decision.

This isn’t the fault of the human entity. Since we are all separate water pods we will always gather relevant data around us with our own perspective to it. This leads to paths of experience through the masses of data. The collected data will be a subset of what is available from the entirety of the landscape. Further, what is filtered will include only what has been learned as useful and actionable. In the long run, this does mean we are likely missing a lot of aspects that can only be discovered with yet more perspectives and levels of macro, detailed or macrosopic retention and analysis.

Further, as we go through life we can and will follow a route that is based on the footprints of others… but not necessarily a rebuild of the path into a refined structure. Anything is possible given the write circumstances and willingness to see.

To this point we have talked about the concept of God. To some extent “God” has been used as a moniker for what we don’t understand or is beyond our perceptions. Essentially, in a number of years from now… once humans are on Mars and populating other parts of the solar system, we will once again have confirmed evidence through our sensors technologies that there are new things to consider in our belief networks. Take for example the discovery of life that is arms length from a Martian astronaut.

At this level we have gained a new perspective of how we relate to the Universe. From there we will attain new theories and perceptions of God. Our human spirit will be implanted in the soils of the solar system. The human “God” will therefore just out of reach from the Martian astronauts. To use set theory, we have gained another “glob” of perception we didn’t have before.

As time goes on we’ll realize human capacity for information retrieval and conclusion will need far better interfaces. HAL will become an inevitability, containing enormous of information that can be retrieved immediately and within context to the current situation. This will take some of the burden of memorizing and learning about our Universe. However, no machine will be able to process it to the needs of the human.

Essentially, we will be on an ever increasing intellectual arms war to match all that is known with all that can be processed. Conclusions, about our Universe will need even more work to help us understand it.

The break down of this is that paths of data are walked through that we are exposed to, information filtered out of the data, experience makes sense and helps conclude what our sensors have confirmed, expertise helps us apply the experiences into using tried and trusted approaches and insight helps extrapolate what is and can be from this information. There are further levels but only to the extent of how we can affect our environment without reaching for it in any physical manner.

Thus we have levels of perception:
Data: From the point of birth onward we automatically take data from our senses and try to make “sense” of it. Data itself is the raw unfiltered content of the environment around us. Always on and always around us.

Information: The filtered data that we can make sense of. That part of the data that our senses know as being useful and relevant for improved interaction with our environment.

Knowledge: Knowledge is a combination of what others have learned and shared and what your senses have observed and proved. Knowledge is at many levels in its own right. It can be what the arm remembers is possible in motion, through to what the brain remembers as the acceleration force of gravity. Each useful, but only contextually so.

Expertise: Expertise rides high on the belief that the knowledge is established and proven. It uses this knowledge with confidence and never questions what has already been learned. This aspect may cause fatalities that other human entities will need to evaluate as new data and therefore create new knowledge and expertise.

Insight: Insight is an extrapolation of the expertise. Observing new patterns from the large masses of evaluated and proven data. Those patterns helping to draw new ideas or theories that are able to help formulate better ways to understand our universe.
Now we have a theory of perception, there continues to be a problem with the finite nature of each human entity. Basically, the expansion of the current human spirit (for the want of a better term) is finite by its nature and its lifespan. God is perhaps always out of our reach and as such can be seen as infinite. The comparison of filling a finite into an infinite speaks for itself. As such we can never reach the extent of all that exists and all that can possibly be known. To address this we will need to find a way to approach infinity. The question is, what sort of machines can reach infinite capacity and still provide finitely contextually useful information?

At the current perception of machine capability those machines are as unlikely in occurring through human invention as the infinite human “spirit” can reach out to the corners of the “infinite” Universe.

You see there are only a finite number of living being at any given time thus its not possible to be exposed to all parts of space. Further, our scale can make us overlook important aspects of our current “environment”, that may be occurring at another level of resolution.

That is, levels of perception should be cross referenced against levels of data “resolution”. The atomic, cellular, tangible, gargantuan, earth scales, solar system scaled through to the galaxy scaled to the universal scaled. Every “scale” should be considered in drawing a perception map that can grow to full insight and perhaps (non physical) “spiritual” expression.

With this in mind, we return to the idea of the “Einstein Perception modelling”. Basically, we can only hope to “do the best we can, with what we have available”, which cannot ever be exhaustive for all scales, locations and perspectives.

However, we do have a structural representation that can help automate the concept of human “perception”.

Copyright Evan Fraser 2014.

Day 17 – The Crasis Disentanglement Measure

This formulation is a first iteration of a higher ‘functionality’ measure.

For all intents and purposes it does have a practical application in basic human behavior.

The formulation covers a verb noun combination, to make the act of disentanglement with the aim at accomplishing a result in the range of failure and success.

To help express this there are a number of cases it can apply to (which aren’t exhaustive):
1. The objective of bringing large collections of randomly stacked items into organized groups.  Simplest case can be likened to the Towers of Hanoi.
2. The need to list a domain problem into a structured dialog.  Then identify objects within that dialog.  With those objects, now package each into a meaningful subsets.
3. Bringing unrelated thoughts/ideas into a meaningful area, juxtapose those elements and then reformulated them into new ideas.

The problem here is how can we get to the end result, that is satisfactory?  Often terms like procrastination are suitable labels for this area.

Essentially, the measure describes whether a set of ideas or actions can bring about new and useful idea(s), action(s) or object(s).  The measure indicates that these are reachable if the participating actors both have a measure of energy to invest in the action and a measure of time availability.  That is, if there are too many items to process then

Items: ideas, actions or objects
Energy: Large energy means more is possible.  Low energy means accomplishment is very unlikely.
Time availability: This represents what time is available for the actor to conduct the re-organization.

The measure can be viewed as two axes:
1. Energy Invested+Time Available/2 (ETA) on one axis.  Range is no to 100% energy+time available.
2. a term we’ll call “Crasis” (i.e. ‘combination of constituents’).  This ranges from pure chaos to absolute order.

The ideal path of “accomplishment” is a line from (0%,0%) to (100%,100%) (i.e. ETA, Crasis).  However, being a measure of human behavior the outcomes can be scattered.  A measure of ETA=0 corresponding to 100% order is not possible.  Likewise, a measure of ETA=100 to 0% Crasis is not ideal for any workaholic (especially anyone who reads this article).  All in all this is akin to an inverse XOR problem (displayed as inputs a=[0,1] against b=[0,1] within a graph mapping; see classic Neural Network Backprop implementations).


With this near linear approximation we can represent potential accomplishment for goal oriented actors.  The important consequences are that large amounts of energy will be hindered if the time is limited, the consequence is the objective of bringing a new idea into being is very unlikely, unless its revisted at another time.

New items thus only can come into effect if there is sufficient time and energy.

However, do note that this is only an estimation.  There are additional factors that need to be considered, which will be covered at a later posting.

Copyright note: You are welcome to use this in your own notes, but you should ask for permission first and provide credit to the author at all times.

Day 16 – Einstein-Perception Modeling

Though there is an “established” baseline of knowledge, it can be destabilized with other newer intellectual discoveries.  e.g. Newton, Einstein, to Neils-Bohr, to String theory protagonists.  Each represents a perspective on the part of the Universe they have investigated.  The “Universe” is that aspect of the perceived “environment” they can analyze and conclude ideal internalized components.

To put this in perspective, for the average layman.  Each and every one of us is making a number of “mental” models about the world around us based on the information we have available.  Further, to survive in this world we must interpret our surroundings via the instruments available to us (sight, hearing, olfactory, touch, …).  Given that sampling we formulate our own “Universe” within our heads.

To help reinforce our models we often bounce them off of friends or fellow practitioners (implicitly or explicitly) to confirm (upgrade) or (downgrade) model errors.  Socialization is very important for modelers to expand and help guide the global model within the entire human “ego” cosmos (“ego”: for the want of a better word).

From that, its easy to conclude we are each performing the same mental exercises as Einstein.  That is, we take what is tangible to our person and extrapolate from the building or joining of the perceived (mentally modeled) components.  That is, our model of what ‘is’, can help to build the models of what ‘could be’.


If we sample incorrect or insufficient data/information, we can end up with dramatically poor models.  Dramatic, in that the creation process collapses into a learning process.  Learning at the time of making a new perceptual product can have catastrophic consequences (e.g. Software projects).  This is and will always be part of life within the interpretation process for more and more complex models. Models of environment or tools for use in that environment.

Note: This “information” can, in itself, be perceived as a model.  The model being ‘we, as separate individuals, are each an Einstein’ with the potential to accomplish so much based on what we have in our reach (actual, virtual or conceptual).  This ‘model’ may be provable or it may be incomplete for any proof to help it become true.  However, it’s no different than assuming 1.000000000000001+1.000000 = 2.0 in the binary world; the resolution of the representation may make it true at certain precision levels.  Just as Newton is right at one level and Einstein at another, etc.

 Copyright Evan Fraser 2014.  Title and ideas copyrighted to the author; you may use the ideas but must ask permission and give credit to this author.

Day 15 – Unity and the SM-T900 device

When using direct output from Unity (to Android Studio) to an AVD image hosted on the PC graphics display fails with some abstract exception messages. However, if you send the output (either directly from Unity or via an Android Studio project) the graphics output does work,

Note, for this version of Android (4.4.2) you need to find the enable USB debugging. Enable developer options by clicking the “Build number” descriptors around 8 times. That is, open the “Settings” app, click the “General” tab, click the “about device” button (bottom left) then get click happy with the “Build number” disabled descriptor.

From there the “developer options” will appear which includes a good few interesting options. Look for “USB debugging” and you’re set. For me, I had to get the Sumsung “Kies” (v3) PC app updated and then re-install the (USB) ‘device driver’ from there before unerring output made it to the device.

Viewing the output on the device of my 3D model has me concerned that the visual lighting of the object in Unity is nowhere near that which is displayed on the device. Even when you add lighting to the object in Unity, though you can see the textures on the device, are not the same as in Unity. This issue may cause some extra work to ensure the results are visually pleasing on the device.


AVD setup to Unity 3D isn’t worth the extra time to investigate the issues. Rely completely on the real device.  The SM-T900 is an impressive device.  Though if you run the “Vellamo” app, you’ll witness that the Galaxy S5 and the LGE Nexus 5 (Android 4.4.3) outperform SM-T900.  However, screen size does matter!  I highly recommend the SM-T90X series, if for nothing else but for fun portable 3D graphics!

Now it’s time for me to make something interesting and useful on this device.